Dark Holler Blues

from by Lydia Sylvia Martin



This comes from Clarence "Tom" Ashley. In college I played his CD "Greenback Dollar," quite a lot. I learned a lot of songs off it and was really fascinated by his voice. This is an interesting setting where I have the banjo capoed up really high to get the song in a different key and make the banjo sound a little tighter and brighter. Some of the lyrics to this are also used in Clarence Ashley's Greenback Dollar. It's also knwon as East Virginia Blues, a song which is found in Kentucky.


I'd rather be in some dark holler,
Where the sun don't ever shine
Than you to be some other man's darling
When you are no longer mine

When I sleep I dream about you.
When I wake I have no rest.
Every moment seems an hour...
Oh the pain in my breast.

At my gate you're always welcome
At my door, please enter in.
In my heart, I'll always love you.
You're the one I tried to win.


from Chasing the Ghost, released October 1, 2016
Lydia Sylvia Martin, banjo and vocal




Lydia Sylvia Martin Maryland

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