Recorded this with my brother, Fiddlin' Claude Martin. It was learned from Maggie Hammons by Dave Bing. Dave Bing performs with the Bing Brothers and released a nice album called Gandydancer that I've listened to a lot. He also taught me some tunes on banjo. Dave has worked for many years with Dwight Diller who also learned from the Hammons Family and was my first major banjo teacher. This is an odd song, and I think it contains a reference to the first World War. I like when Dave plays it with a full band including bass and guitar, but for this version we used just fiddle and banjo. Claude is playing in cross tuning. This was recorded at Asparagus Media in August 2013.


Had a calf I know'd it'd die x3
You could tell right well by the look in it's eye

Asked my kinfolks to come in x3
For to help me kill and skin

All the buzzards come flocking around x3
At last they lit upon the ground

They got mad enough to fight x3
Because we robbed them of their right

Keep one quarter yes I will x3
And sell the rest to Kaiser Bill
Chorus: Walk ol' Jo Bones, walk away
Walk ol' Jo Bones walk all day


from Chasing the Ghost, track released July 24, 2016
Lydia Sylvia Martin, banjo and vocal
Claude Martin, fiddle and vocal




Lydia Sylvia Martin Maryland

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