Lonesome Road Blues

from by Lydia Sylvia Martin



I heard this song at Roots and Ruckus at Jalopy Theatre. It was played on guitar and sung by Jackson Lynch, who you can hear now in the band the Downhill Strugglers. Jackson told me he got the song from fiddler Gaither Carlton's version. I recorded on my handheld recorder at the concert and listened to it in my car in the mountains north of New York City, when I was driving at night trying to find John Cohen's house for an interview. There weren't any motels in the area and I spent the night in my car wrapped pretty comfortably in a large down jacket and a comforter our neighbor had given us. I just kept hearing the lyrics over and over, "look up, look down that lonesome road, hang down your little head and cry, little girl." I learned it on guitar from the recording and send the recording of me playing it on guitar to Dirk Powell, who liked it. In the studio just by chance I happened to play it on piano and Dirk pulled out his fiddle. We recorded it then and there very quickly with no problems. I think we did two or three takes of it and it was done. I sung it and after I went home the harmony vocals were added. I still like listening to this song at night, in the car. I think it's more a night time song than a day one. If you listen to the original fiddle version that is a nice on too. Very lovely. Jackson's version that I recorded that night might have been lost to time, but if you come across him at a Downhill Strugglers concert, I bet he will sing it for you.


(chorus)Look up, look down, that lonesome road
Hang down your little head and cry x2

The darkest night I ever did see was the day I left my home
The day I left my home


A few good friends must part sometime, so why not you and I, my love
Why not you and I



from Chasing the Ghost, released October 1, 2016
Lydia Sylvia Martin, piano and vocal
Dirk Powell, fiddle and vocal




Lydia Sylvia Martin Maryland

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