Undone in Sorrow

from by Lydia Sylvia Martin



From Ola Belle Reed, who called it "an old song, as old as the hills, and a really sad song, one of the saddest songs you could ever hear." Some folks play it with a four chord, which is one way to do it, but like Ola Belle I prefer to play it with just the one chord and the relative minor. If I use a fourth note at all in performance I might do it just as a harmony but not play the whole chord.


Over yonder in the graveyard, where the wild, wild flowers grow
Oh, there lays my own true lover, she's gone from me forevermore.

Fairer than the sweetest flower, restless as the wildest wind,
born with a love deep as the ocean, this was the girl that I did win.

I left her there, back on the mountain, to see the world, riches to gain.
Oh, when I returned, no earthly treasure could ease this heart so full of pain.

There so high upon the mountain, beneath a little mound of clay,
the girl that I returned to marry so still among the flow'rs did lay.

I'll go away and I will wander, lay aside my earthly gain,
and I'll not end as a man with riches. Undone in sorrow I'll remain.


from Chasing the Ghost, track released July 24, 2016




Lydia Sylvia Martin Maryland

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